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  Buddhist statues at Longxing Temple
  Stone sculpture
  Paintings and Calligraphy
    The Qingzhou Museum is located at the northwest of the city, occupying 40 acres of land, with an interior area of 12000 square meters and exhibition area exceeds 2000 square meters. The Qingzhou Museum was regarded as one of China’s first batch of class-1museums in 2008.
    The Qingzhou Museum is a comprehensive geological museum founded in 1959, with a collection of over 40,000 objects of various kinds. Among them there are three unique treasures as follows:
    Buddhist Stone Statues from Longxing Temple in QingZhou which was listed as one of the “China’s Top 10 Major Archaeological Discoveries in 1996” and “China’s Top 100 Major Archaeological Discoveries in the 20th Century” because their large number, superb carving and excellent state of preservation of the originally applied gold and colors are rarely seen in the archaeology of China. And they are exclaimed as the masterpieces that can rewrite the artistic history of China and the world at large.
    Number One Scholar Paper of ZhaoBingzhong who achieved the highest rank in the imperial examination during the Wanli Period of Ming Dynasty (1573—1620). And it is the only known examination paper of its kind, filling a gap in the palace archives of Ming dynasty.
    Jade with the Inscription “Yi Zi Sun” in Eastern Han Dynasty was carved out of the most precious jade and superb carvings.
    The Qingzhou Museum extends warm welcome to the visitors from all over the world.

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